Angela is a delightful joyful and compassionate being. She is a knowledgable workshop presenter and nourishing host. 

Meditation Evenings

Angela has been offering Meditation Evenings on alternate Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm for some years. If you are interested in joining her group and would like further information, please get in touch with Angela for more details. Beginners are welcome and the focus is on well being with guided meditation to promote deep relaxation and connection to the Higher Self.

Joy and Chocolate Days

Angela is delighted to offer Raw Chocolate Making days. If you would like to enjoy some home made treats do come and learn some tried and tested recipes with raw cacao that are both nourishing and good for you. 

All the ingredients are wholesome and it will be a fun day learning new skills. For raw food enthusiasts and vegans who want a rich chocolate flavour without dairy products, raw cacao recipes are just the thing to satisfy cravings and invite deliciousness into life. We may make bars of chocolate and also some truffles. It is easy to tweak recipes with different flavours and combinations to find the best taste.

For more information please contact Angela. The cost will also include the price of the ingredients. 

Angela's Play Days

The idea of play days with Angela started as a fun way to de-stress. So many of us have busy lives so it is wonderful to have permission to relax and open to creativity. There may be a theme for the day such as knitting, or people can come with a project and just relax together. Please contact Angela if you would like more details and I look forward to sharing a special day with you.

For further information or if you would like to purchase  courses, chocolate or the bears please contact Angela - 07500 060623

Email - angela.wellhealed@gmail.com

Small Bear £10

Large Bear £20

Large bars of Raw Chocolate £2