LiberatingTouch is a powerful transformative journey to Self knowledge and awareness. It helps us integrate, so we can know limitless love and connect with absolute truth.


The body mind healing system is focused on Self Realization, by using inquiry and spiritual wisdom. The foundation is Truth, Self Responsibility, Peace and Love.

Liberating Touch is about creating a safe space, so underlying issues can be investigated by connecting to the Higher Self.


Clients often come with complex issues or trauma which have created stress in their lives. With a practical methods, and intuitive processes the intention is to return to wholeness, connecting heart to heart, embracing diversity in the unity.


Sessions may include EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as well as the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to restore harmony in mind, body and spirit. All modalities can use sequences which stay gentle and kind to bring about transformation.


We begin with relaxation and meditation, and may start with the body’s knowledge and breath as a first step of inquiry. The issue may be felt physically, or can be experienced as feeling emotionally drained. We may then investigate belief systems that can manifest as mental stress and trauma. The intention would be to overcome health conditions, bring back more joy, feel a sense of purpose and experience stillness.


As an energy facilitator Angela aims to help clients reclaim their personal power, so highest aspirations can be fulfiled. If we are depleted by fears, unconscious desires and unhealthy attachments it will be difficult to sustain energy to make the necessary changes. With Liberating Touch we can learn the benefits of the Detachment Process. We can then draw on a 'cosmic power' which is beyond the person self. With detachment we can live more joyously so we can express our gifts. Then we are able to go to a space of compassion, be who we really are and realize our potential.

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