Emotional Freedom Techniques


Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT


The healing power of EFT can be a powerful tool for navigating a way through life’s challenges. The technique can help overcome self defeating emotional patterns of thought and behaviour. It has the advantage of being non invasive, highly specific and has no side effects.


The theory behind EFT is that negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body's 'energy field', and that tapping on the meridians whilst thinking of a negative emotion (issue) alters the body's energy field restoring it to 'balance'.


It is thought that molecules of emotion shape mood and thought, which can initiate a series of cascading chemical and cellular events. EFT practices deliberately shift the molecules of emotion. Using kindness, compassion and curiosity the healing is to resolve emotional, mental and physical upsets.


- It can help overcome unwanted emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, jealousy and 


- Help change unwanted habits and behaviours.

- Enhance your ability to love, succeed and enjoy life.

- Manage stress.

- Detach from limitations and help develop confidence.


The material world is patterned on energetic forms. Energy is the blueprint , the infrastructure – the invisible foundation for health in the body. Medical intuitives have been able to recognize and prevent brewing illness by restoring energy flow and 're-wiring' the system.


EFT  can also be described as psychological acupuncture. ‘Points’ can be called “windows” into the body’s energy system. The understanding is that every thought and emotion causes a reaction in a specific area in the brain. If your brain recognizes a similarity between a distressing situation from your past, and what you are seeing hearing in the moment – even though there is no current threat or danger- the distress signals that you experienced in the earlier situation can be activated, and the emotional response overwhelming.


EFT works by balancing your energy system while you are tuned into the problem and thereby eliminate negative emotion (stress). By clearing the disruption the emotions will clear so that memories can heal and beliefs can shift. This can create positive change and gives us the power to choose our responses in the present.


The wonderful thing about EFT is that we can focus on an upsetting thought with intention, and use tapping on the body to transform the negative feeling into a neutral one. The reaction or emotion around the thought then no longer controls us.


The first step includes creating a safe space of acceptance and understanding. A specific problem is then identified and we notice any physical/emotional/mental stress, suffering or pain. Being specific is important and dealing with all the pieces of the  problems can be like puzzles to be worked on. The intensity is noted and then a set up phrase is chosen before tapping sequences begin. Then as we make progress we can test the results of the intensity.


EFT can also be a powerful tool for personal development using a Personal Peace Programme. This combined with good nutrition, hydration, exercise and relaxation can really make a difference to enhance a way of life. 


MRI studies have found that EFT has changed brain activity – it deactivated  areas of the brain involved in the experience of pain and fear. So the alarm response in the body to flight, fight and freeze can be relieved after energy inteventions.


Angela is an accredited EFT International Advanced Level Practitioner


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