Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies balance negative emotions and can help in the journey to health and personal growth.


The 38 remedies that make up this system are the life’s work of Dr. Bach who believed there was a direct link between emotions and health. Following on from an orthodox career as a Medical Practitioner, Bacteriologist and Pathologist he discovered his remedies in the 1930’s and understood they would always be relevant as they treat the true cause of disease.


The remedies were found from trees, plants and wild flowers in the countryside to help rebalance various negative emotions. Although there are only 38 remedies they can be mixed to create a huge amount of possible combinations to treat every malady.

Flower essences harness beneficial and revitalizing forces of nature to uplift the emotions and encourage a more positive lifestyle. They can be helpful for the following states of mind:

• Fear
• Uncertainty
• Insufficient interest in present circumstances
• Loneliness
• Oversensitivity to influence and ideas
• Despondency
• Despair
• Over-care for the welfare of others


Dr Bach understood ‘dis-ease’ as being simply ill at ease or lack of harmony causing symptoms in mind, body and spirit. His belief was that true healing meant arresting disease at its emotional source before physical symptoms appeared.


His philosophy was to “Treat the patient not the disease”. 


A consultation is an opportunity to select the right remedies for the current circumstances and personality type into consideration. In a safe environment together with the client she will discuss issues and give insights into the benefits of chosen remedies.


‘Dr. Bach wanted us to discover who we really are. It is the simplicity of the idea that is profound: “If I know myself I may heal myself”.


Self knowledge allows for change: understanding enables a person to take responsibility. As we get to know ourselves we can become masters of our own fate and take charge of our own lives.’


Each session will include the preparation of a treatment bottle with chosen remedies. These will be taken regularly on a daily basis to give the correct dosage. Follow up appointments are advised on completion of a remedy.

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