Additional Tender Loving Care

A session with Angela can be tailor made for your needs to include special TLC with the following therapies.


Head massage 


Indian head massage can bring about a general feeling of well being, calmness abd relaxation. It can help to alleviate anxiety and stress and can help rebalance body energy. It is given without the use of oils unless requested. It can be applied either sitting or lying down. It can be a 'stand alone' treatment or included with a head massage.

Ear Candling


This is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilizations.


Thermo Auricular Therapy is an effective and non invasive method of treatment to releive ear, nose and throat conditions. The candles act like a chimney, drawing away the vapour and any impurities to the surface where they can be removed. The vibration of the rising air column serves to gently massage the ear drum and promote secretion in the sinuses. This helps to regulate pressure, and together with the warmth, strengthens the immune system. Important acupuncture points and reflex zones can then be stimulated.


It is helpful for :

* Excessive ear wax

* Migraine

* Colds, Flu and Sinusitis

* Snoring

* Stress reduction

* Noises in the ears, ringing and tinnitus


This is a lovely treatment together with a head massage to relieve stress and tension.


Reiki Healing


Traditionally a Japanese therapy, Reiki (pronounced 'Ray-kee') works energetically on physical, emotional and mental levels. It aims to promote health and well being, bringing balance and harmony into our lives.

During treatment, the client remains fully clothed, whilst the therapist uses gentle touch, stretches and massage to encourage the free flow of energy through the. The therapist also works on the 'luminous energy field' surrounding the body, including the seven chakras. 

It can be particularly helpful after a traumatic event or a bereavement. These unsettling events create an imprint in the energy field that predisposes us towards disease.

Reiki treatments may help with finding inner peace, happiness and well being. Some people feel deeply relaxed after treatment; others report a feeling of invigoration.

Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy


Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy can be helpful for restoring mind, body and spirit. With the healing vibration of the sound the client can simply receive and come back into harmony. By unburdening it enables us to make new choices, helping us to connect to Truth and Love. With replenished energy, we can return to a feeling of more joy and empowerment.

Angela offers all the above treatments and can help you 

choose what you would like to include in your session to promote well being.

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