Art and Poetry

Tapped Out


I'm visiting my past

To find that echo of myself

And set the record straight

To have a better way of being

As I tap to stay in health


We only need a set up

A specific phrase in mind

It's a question of intensity

So we can leave the thought behind


There may be lots of aspects

As we delve to know ourselves

But we test all our emotions

Chasing pain until we're well


I've made mistakes in passing

The shadow's there to see

But it's worth investigation

To find the real me


So now with affirmations

I can see my way ahead

Reliving and remembering

Believing better ways instead


Problems are dissolving

The hidden deep within

But with new skills and tapping

Personal peace begins

Angel Visit


Words pop out

With angels in my head

A pitter patter pace

Spritely in their

                 loving comfort Grace


Then with messages of joy

A welcome for the 

                 special gift of sight

A harmony and chorus

Heralding their tunes

                and worlds without end

A love that moves softly in the breeze

Brushing you

                  with a light fantastic

Life Drawing


Inspiration comes

And lines are drawn

With fresh perspective

To look at life

Beholding all 

That's pleasing to the eye


Colours put together

In a mixed media

Creating perfect harmony

A unique style

A brush with Truth

Capturing a moment

With bold strikes

Or smudged certainty


Sometimes a special message

With light and depth

To bring it all to life

Awakening the senses

Filling us with delight

A view of life

Interpreting our world

To a sense of wonder



The Solution


I'm feeling scared, lonely, frightened

Angry at myself

For lost opportunities

Seeing no way forward

Triggered by memories

Too painful to share

How could I let this go?


But I'm told there's a way

A tapping solution

That all this is a zzzt in the system

And tapping would release the cause

It's tried and tested

The perfect way to let go

Of annoying habits

Long held beliefs and trauma

That do no favours

Just trapped energy leading to despair

Which could be unblocked

So the past is forgiven

It's worth a try


I'm given a bridge to my awakening

Heartened that this could work

Guided by an expert

An artist that keeps focus

Uncovering all the stories

Listening carefully

Setting up a sequence

Teaching me the points

Checking my intensity

So I begin to tap myself free

With the aim of coming back

To the real me


All movies are investigated

The technique in slow motion

Detailed so no part is left uncovered

I'm kept safe

Guaging all emotions

Buried in unconsciousness

Until it's true

That nothing's left

To make me feel uncomfortable


Along the journey

To discovery

All aspects come to light

Then core issues

That have run the show

Can finally lose their grip

Upon the psyche

Making a world of difference

Chasing the pain

Until its down to zero


So then I choose

To be present

With a new way forward

Making my affirmations

Each time gathering momentum

Building up belief

So I can live my best version

Free at last to be the real me




Webbing the Surf


Standing on the beach

I hear cries on the wing

Of sqwarking gulls come to land

Making hieroglyphic patterns

As their feet touch the sand

A print out of webbed stories

Until the surf returns

Revealing once more

A smooth canvas

Shingled out and laid bare

laced with the flotsam

Of daily life on the edge.





In the springtime, undaunted like the fool

We leap towards a grand adventure

Unfettered by responsibility or care

Just happy to live all that's on offer

Poised, we have the luxury of time

Flexible whilst we adjust to circumstance


Summertime and we bask in the warmth

Charging ahead in the joys of magnificence

We feast in delight

Certain in our steps in the dance of fecundity


Autumn is more assured

A 'post it' note to ourselves

To remember the good times

Before the fall and decline into grief


Winter and we're bare to the bone

With memories and complaints

A world hanging in the balance

Of old and renewal


Then as a miracle

A silver lining appears

Can all this merely be a mirror of belief

Now in the moments I do not need to sleep

It's all been just a dream and I'm awake

The cycle is complete.

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