Welcome to Angela's Healing Heart

If you're looking to enhance your well-being and overall health, you've come to the right place. Angela is an experienced Complementary Practitioner and she looks forward to meeting you.

About Angela

Angela is a highly experienced and acclaimed therapist who has for many years worked at Covent Garden’s renowned healing centre, Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms. Before entering the world of natural healing, Angela was a staff nurse, sister and agency nurse at several London hospitals specialising in kidney dialysis work, intensive care and tropical diseases.


She now specialises in holistic health and spiritual wellness. Using LiberatingTouch®, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Jin Shin Jyutsu, BodyTalk and Bach Flower Remedies, she helps her clients find their JOY. 


Angela provides a wide range of health and wellness services, including Healing Play Days and Joy and Chocolate Days. You can choose from the many therapies she practices or you can give her a call and have free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs and together you can customise a healing journey. Angela can be trusted to take a deep interest in you and your wellness.



I have known Angela for several years. Her heart centered intuition combined with rigorous and constant learning means she is able to provide a truly holistic approach to healing. Often blending her skills for a truly personalised treatment across BodyTalk, Bach Flower Remedies and massage. Always guided by her wisdom for your highest good.



Angela is an exceptional healer. I have been seeing her for many years. she often uses BodyTalk to tune into what needs to be sorted out.This is useful as I sometimes can't voice where the problem has arisen. Angela then uses a combination of Reiki, Healing and  Bach Flower Remedies to bring me back into balance. I feel nurtured and completely relaxed in her hands. It is a great experience and the restorative effects are wonderful. I highly recommend Angela to my friends and patients.



Angela is an extraordinary therapist whose intuitive touch is deeply restorative. I believe that the love from her healing heart is constantly overflowing into her hands and make her such a magical healer.


Contact Angela on 07500 060 623 to book your free consultation




Love, Serve, Be kind, Delight in TruthShare the joy.


Bear Kindness is my passion and joy. This website was set up last year as a way of serving and giving back to the community by creating soft toys. The teddy bears have been sold or distributed to anyone who needs upliftment and connection to sweetness and love. The finances have contributed to a food bank and supported individuals in need. During the pandemic I found myself making lots of teddy bears and not knowing what to do with them. I have been knitting for some years making toys and children's blankets. Some of the bears found homes in a children's orphnage in India and others have been distributed to people going through a hard time or facing chemotherapy. The intention is to bring comfort and joy to anyone who needs some extra love and support.


This year the aspiration is to expand and invite people to enjoy 'play days' with me. We are hoping to bring people together to create and relax with the energy of Liberating Touch to support our growth and well being. One idea is to make a teddy bear out of material that is hand stitched. The limbs are jointed and everything is hand crafted to make something really special. The bears are then stuffed with messages and love for whoever will be the recipient of this gift. We will pour healing energy into all our creations. 


So please do come and visit the website for dates of workshops. And the bears are available to buy. Or you may like to donate your time or energy, so we welcome any stories to the 'contribute' page to share with everyone. We are hoping to follow the bears to their new homes to know how they are getting on, so any children's pictures would be wonderful. We may have a gallery of the joy of teddy bears.


So looking forward to sharing this journey and love to everyone.



This year I will be holding a number of play days to celebrate and enjoy our creativity with the energy of Liberating Touch. Please visit the website for more details and dates.